A Study in Wattle

6 Oct 2019

I love letting myself get carried away with an idea. There are enough unhealthy things in this world to overthink and get carried away with, so why not let myself do that in a way where I get joy from it? Blog photography is one of those things for me. Sometimes I want to share an adventure or experience that I had. Sometimes I want to share a vision that I’ve been imagining. Today is the aesthetic kind of sharing.

Spring it a season of wild colours, particularly after the absence of colour in winter. I’d been imaging several yellow styles shoots for some time when my sister tagged me in a post by a local dress hire shop in the Ballarat CBD. They had a dress I had wanted in a different colour. I commented and shop reached out to me to say she had a similar dress by another brand available in the colour I wanted. I went in to check them out and to see if the dress fit. The store was sweet, the range of clothes was worth getting excited about. I was particularly impressed that she was attentively curating a broad range of sizes. I tried on the dress and as though the planets had aligned, it fit perfectly. I borrowed it for the evening.

My sister, trusty sidekick and regular photo assistant, came along in my van to the location I had scouted. The weather was bad. It was mushy and wet. It had been snowing intermittently all day. We don’t usually get snow where we are from, so that was wild. The sun was a hypothetical concept. I couldn’t put heels on because the grass was mud. The dress was for warmer weather so the moment I took the jacket off I had to deal with air temperatures that felt like knives. We waited in the car and then burst out as soon as the skies were clear and dry.

The idea had been to shoot a yellow dress with a wattle flower crown in a wattle bush. While these concepts seemed to work in my head look at this shoot I feel like the colours weren’t quite right. That probably would have been magically corrected if there was golden hour light. Another challenge I keep having an interesting engagement with is the second colour in wattle, which is the dull mint grey colour of the leaves. This is the result and I like the result. Mostly I’m glad for the opportunity to get out and try to create something that, practice bringing a vision to life and to have support from a local store who believed in me having a go at a little art project. Thanks, Lucida Boutique!

Outfit: Dress from Lucida Boutique (By Johnny)
Location: Ballarat suburban street
Photo assistant: Goldfields Girl

- L

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