Clunes Booktown 2019

5 May 2019

For once in my hectic life, I found myself free on a Saturday AND on the day that Clunes Booktown is on. I’ve missed the last few and was delighted when a fellow friend and book enthusiast was free to go. So my buddy Olivia and I packed ourselves into my van and headed to Clunes for the day.

We arrived about lunchtime and began to wander in a big sweeping zigzag through all the book shops looking for treasures to take home with us. We found a great stall packed with decades of writing from a vast range of science fiction and fantasy authors. I mentioned to Olivia that I was keen to pick up any books by Barbara Hambly and then a moment later put my hand down on one of her books! And it was one I hadn’t read, so that was a treat.

I found a single book on rock climbing that was clearly written before the invention of Google and all other mountaineering sections of the book stores were spares. I did manage to buy live a copy of one of my favourite books so that I could introduce her to the author (Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb) for only $5, as well as picking up 3 plays by Arthur Miller for $4. 

After our first thorough fossick picking up paper treasures we plonked down out the front of the photographers who promptly came out to us to offer a glass of wine. We ordered cider and sat in the bustling street drinking and looking at the program for more things to do and more places to browse.

There were many more places to browse. We didn’t get to all of them but we sure did try. We ended up being the last browsers in several spots. We even found mini hot jam doughnuts and nachos and we sat in the mild autumn air munching away and resting our feet. The whole event was an absolute delight and I cannot wait for next year. I really I hope I can go!

Camera assistant: Olivia French

Oh yeah. We also stayed until the sunset and when we pulled over to watch the sun going down we met these darling horses who came over to say hello.

- L

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  1. This looks right up my street, what a great sounding event. I love Assassin's Apprentice, I have a well-worn copy on my bookshelf. I had too look up "fossick", I'd never heard that before! Great boots you're wearing, very sassy x


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