4 Mar 2019

Being on crutches absolutely sucked. Lurching about everywhere on my arms was exhausting and ridiculously inconvenient. I can’t stress how exhausting. Getting into work was an epic adventure that usually I didn’t even notice. Suddenly I was taking three stops and looking and posts on the way, marking them out as goals to make it to before I had another rest. I had no idea how cockily I moved through life before crutches, but I had six weeks of humbling hobbling to drive the point home.

I wasn’t meant to drive while my broken foot healed, but stuff that. As if anyone was going to volunteer to drive me to Melbourne and Geelong five times a week. At least I stopped blogging for a month to give myself a rest. 

Crutches are hella inconvenient. They may be great for standing up and moving from place to place, but in order to do so, one's hands become completely occupied with said crutches. I ended up having to get myself a little backpack in which I would pack a thermos, lunch and all my needs and would carry it around with me. I felt like a kid off to school. It meant that doing things like preparing food was hard, I had to hop to do that. Couldn’t carry lunch anywhere unless I hopped and hopping is also exhausting. 

Crutches tend to get caught on things, too. Any walkway that’s not wide enough for a wheelchair I found was also probably not wide enough for crutches. I got caught in bags and pillow cases and bushes and grass and rubbish. I cursed a lot. I fell a couple of times and hurt my busted foot. They also get caught on things when you stop at your destination and have to reach for something. Good gracious, the number of times I knocked stacks of lollies or whatever off the display shelves right in front of the counter at a service station was ridiculous. Whyyyyyyyy do they have displays from floor to counter top right in front of the counter. I caused havoc. After six weeks I felt pretty desensitised to it. It would happen and I’d just be like ‘this is my life now’.

Anyway, crutches are the pits. They are exhausting and hella inconvenient and I developed callouses on my palms from walking around on them. I hope I never have to do it again.

Pics assistant: Goldfields Girl
Skirt: Review Australia
Top: Miss Patina
Hat: vintage Laura Ashley from Etsy

- L


  1. Wow, sounds like being on crutches was quite the ordeal! I bet you're relieved you're through that. Love your outfit (especially that top!) and your pics are beautiful :)

  2. That sucks about the humbling hobble. I've never had crutches and can't even imagine. You wear it well, though, at least in these pictures. The color palette is gorgeous, and your outfit is exquisitely curated. Especially love the hat!


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