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6 Jan 2019

I’m not one for New Year Resolutions but I do love to set goals. Giving something I want to do direction makes it a project and its fun finding what comes out of pushing towards a particular endpoint. For example, last year I decided I wanted to return to karate training and work towards my second dan black belt. When the motivation for it was lacking I went climbing to help build my overall fitness and to diversify my activities and as a result, I realised the karate goal wasn’t for me and that climbing was a better investment for my body and my mental health. I might not have achieved the goal I originally set but I got a whole heap of worth out of trying for it.

Here are some of my goals for 2019.

Climbing and fitness

Climb a V6 boulder problem – and a 22 climb

Learn to climb trad – trad (traditional) climbing is a form of free climbing where you place the gear on the wall that you use to secure your rope as you climb to protect you from hitting the ground. It’s leagues above what I’m capable of and I can’t wait to learn it. The problem is, I don’t have any friends that do it so learning is going to be a challenge.

Do a chin-up/pull-up – I’ve never been able to do a chin up in my entire life, but I’ve just got to the point that this goal seems attainable for me and I couldn’t be more excited.

Dead hang from one arm – There was a time a couple of years ago when I couldn’t even hang from some monkey bars with both arms for a single second. Now I want to be able to do that for six seconds from a single arm.

Do a pistol squat – back in my karate days, this was something I never was never able to master. It involves being able to squat on one leg all the way from the ground. I’d love to have the range of movement and strength combined.

Travel overseas – An Instagram buddy of mine that I adore invited me to meet up with her in Wales. I’m ridiculously excited. We haven’t set dates yet (aside from not in August), but once I’ve finished the next show in I’m in (in March) I’ll book some flights. I’ve put this in the climbing category because there’s some amazing climbing in Wales that I might get to try out.


Get into another show – I’ve got one show lined up in March that we’re about to start rehearsals for and I’d love to have another acting project to work on later in the year.

Graduate from acting school – Only six months to go!

Record EP – I’ve ignored my music and songwriting for ages so I’ve started the process of putting down some tracks, finally. I’ll need six to make it an EP, and while I’ve written hundreds of songs, having the right six together is important to me.

Do a live performance of my own music – This I’m hoping to do for my EP. I haven't ever really done this before with a band, and that's the goal.

Write two more songs – I’ve got plenty of songs always in the works but finishing them can be a challenge. Two in a year should be achievable.

Learn to play two songs by other people – I love so many songs by other musicians and I’d love to be able to play more with my guitar around a campfire.


Take another cover shot for Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine – I’ve done one so far and to me, it’s a really rewarding process. It requires a level of precision I don’t get to have on many photography projects so I’m very keen to do another.

Do at least 20 blog shoots - Used to do one a week! Can you believe that? I actually found 50 different outfits to wear a year?!?!? That's insane. Anyways, I'm very time poor these days and prefer quality over quantity. 20 seems like a lot but I'm sure less than one a fortnight will be nice and achievable once we get into it.

Get my photos published in another magazine – I take so many pictures and I’d love to have them in another publication.

Buy a new camera – My camera is at the limit of what I can get from it. It’s incredibly noticeable when I take pictures in low light. The next camera I have in mind is a Canon 6D Mark II.

Take some nice star photography – I’ve already had a go at it as my last photo of 2018. The results were not what I wanted, but they were still beautiful.

Finish my 365 project – I’m on target to finish in March. I’ve loved it so much I’ll probably start another.

I several very particular personal goals, but I’ll share that once I’ve done them. Some things I have to keep just for me.

- L

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