100 of 365 - My New Photo Project

20 Jul 2018

A few years ago when I first got into photography, my friend John got me into a project called a 365. This is where the photographer takes a photo a day, every day, for 365 days. Ideally, one would take pictures of the one subject. John took photos of himself as his subject. I took the project on myself, but my camera broke when I was travelling in Barcelona, stopping me somewhere in the hundreds. I didn’t settle on a subject and just took photos of everything.

I always dreamed about doing the 365 again and ‘doing it properly’, but as someone who used to struggle a lot with perfectionism, doing it properly meant doing in perfect and that’s a hard project to begin. So when I was recently in a low point of health (I was quite sick for about 4 months), I decided to use the full arsenal of skills I’ve picked up in recent years to combat perfectionism and just begin.

Ideally, I would have time aside every day to take pictures. When I was sick this was incredibly unrealistic, so I allowed myself to give what I could on any given day. If that meant nothing, I was ok with that. If that meant I was doing two or three photos on one day to catch up, I was ok with that. If that meant publishing pictures I didn’t like the edit of, I was ok with that. A 365 isn’t about being perfect, it’s about documenting growth.

I’m now 100 photos in on my 365, so I wanted to share my favourites from the first 100. I’m excited to see an incredible difference between my old 365 project and this one. I’ve been trying to take more photos of landscapes because I suck at them. I’ve been trying to take more winter photos because I suck at editing them. Not all of them are my best work, but I’m ok with that. Shared here are my favourite ten from the first 100. I’m hoping to incorporate a weekly self-portrait when I’m a bit more settled with the project. For now, I have a regular inclusion of my feet doing things.

This photo was taken for AFE Awareness Day of my sister Goldfields Girl. Her twin and our nephew died of an AFE when she went into labour in 2006.

Taking pictures with dim light and romantic candles at my favourite place in Ballarat: Sweet Fern.

Camera in hand and spotting the good light on my bestie Emma, before she gave me the finger.

Lucy is one of my favourite people to photograph and we both share an adoration for the colour combination of pink and green.

For a blog post of my sister's. She still hasn't used these photos, much to chagrin. I'm super proud of them and have been putting off sharing because I wanted to give her the chance to do so, but she STILL hasn't. So here's my favourite. I'll probably go back and re-edit this one as I think I could do even better with it.

Waiting for my sister to arrive for this shoot I captured this light and then got chatting to a lovely woman who was an ex-journalist that was thrown out of a foreign war-torn country for being a spy. It was a fascinating conversation.

A much-loved coffee or brunch spot of mine: Macarthur St Larder. I used to take many photos here back when my blog was a much more minor affair and this spot was the Vintage China Company.

Sunset reflected in the window of my fave spot: Sweet Fern.

A rainbow over The Chief, and a route I got to climb called Banana Peel in Squamish, Canada.

- L

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