Keebles Christmas

16 Nov 2017

Depending which camp you sit in regarding the early onset of Christmas celebration the following post will either make you groan or swoon. Set in the still and quiet book town of Clunes is the romantic and classic Keebles Country House. Far removed from the sounds of cars and bustling city, this house is like a personal bubble of peace from the world, and anyone can stay there. It’s an owner hosted Bed and Breakfast with elegant rooms, tall ceilings and old-fashioned personalised service. You may remember the iconic white brick building and red door from this blog post.

My favourite room hosts ceiling scraping bookcases, model ships, oil paintings of the sea, a pool table, chess sets and windows looking out into the elegant garden and streets surrounding the property. If no one else is there your ears would be filled by the sounds of gently ticking clocks, crackling fires, birds and the rustling of leaves in the wind.

Beyond the back door of the white brick homestead are paths descending and weaving through an ever-blooming garden with tall trees, a pond of koi fish and finally, green lawns.

What about this perfect spot could be so controversial? In October, my sister and I were invited to an afternoon tea at Keebles to celebrate the decoration of their famous Christmas tree. October. You read that right. Before many shops had gotten their tinsel orders into storerooms, Keebles had their tree out in all its decadent wonder. It would have been well over 9 feet tall and every glorious inch of it is adorned with hand-painted glass baubles. My family love Christmas so we were quite excited by this event so early in the year. It also means that Keebles guests can sit in the gorgeous lounge with the tree in the months before Christmas and enjoy it as well.

If you have the opportunity to get to Clunes in the future, check out Keebles to see what events they have on. Coming up events will include outdoor opera in the garden and Christmas activities. It’s a gorgeous venue you must visit at least once.

Dress: Blue Lapel Vintage Bow Buttons Dress from SheInside
Photos: Me and Goldfields Girl
Location: Keebles Country House

- L

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