5 Reasons to Try Out a Perfume Masterclass at Sweet Fern

10 Nov 2017

Last year I went along to a perfume masterclass in Ballarat at Sweet Fern. Since then, I've had so many people tell me that they had always thought about checking one out. So here are a few reasons why I think that you should.

1. Give your sense of smell some attention

The thing that surprised me most the first time I went to a masterclass was how much I'd been ignoring my sense of smell. I'd mostly been using it to summarise shallowly if I thought something was good or bad, never getting into too much detail about it unless it was in relation to particularly delicious food. Smelling something nice and understanding to the complex layers that give it its unique scent gave my nose the free reign to be the main source of information for a little while and that was refreshing.

2. Get in on the 'mindfulness' movement

You've probably heard the term 'mindfulness' trending lately. If you don't know what it is, it's about activities the keep you present. Plenty of people use meditation for this or even activities like colouring in. Over time, mindfulness is meant to help with a range of things like attention span, concentration and more. So if mindfulness is something you're after, a perfume masterclass is a brilliant way to be present. It's hard to think of anywhere else or have your mind be anywhere else, that is unless it's travelling to some forgotten place on the scent of a rose.

3. Take a trip down memory lane

The sense of smell is known to be more closely linked to memory than any of the other senses. As you move around the fragrance wheel you may find yourself remember feelings, like the feeling of sea air on your skin or the taste of coffee in winter. The different smells act like anchors to beautiful points in your past, as well as the emotions you might have been feeling at the time. It's nostalgic and quite moving.

4. Explore perfume properly

The range at Sweet Fern is unlike something you'll find at a big department store. The fragrances are more boutique, less synthetic, have incredible back stories and the staff can tell you them all. The fragrance wheel will help you map out the sort of fragrances you usually like and you'll be able to identify them as the type of perfume they are. Not just that, you might find another niche in the wheel that makes your heart sing.

5. Prepare for an experience you'll never forget

Got something special coming up? A family event? A holiday? Spending the time at a masterclass to find a scent you love to have with you on that event will make the happy memories easily within reach. I've recently been to my bestie's wedding and each time I smell the perfume I wore to it I am reminded of her happy day.

Find out more about Sweet Fern, their fragrance and beauty product range as well as their Perfume Masterclasses on their website here.

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