Yellow Lace Coat and Supporting Other Women

6 Apr 2017

Today, one of my mentors from my early years gave me the opportunity to learn something important. I shared a video which features some work I had done with Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine. She commented and said, “I always knew you would make a statement in this world.”
I was really chuffed with this message from her because she’s been saying stuff like that to me consistently, since before I felt like I had ever achieved anything, long before I had a blog, or a sense of self, or a direction in life. It was a special comment so I wanted to respond to her and show my appreciation for that belief when I didn’t think I was worth anything.

I replied to her and said ‘Wouldn’t be who I am today without you!’

Her response completely stumped me.

‘Oh yes you would but thank you.’

It was a great response. It really made me go back and have a look at what I had said to her. Yes, she did contribute a lot to me staying in school. She was one of many wonderful and influential people in my life at that time. Yet, what she was emphasizing to me is that I’m not who I am because of a collection of inputs from other people. I am me. I may have got here with appreciated support from others, but no one else made me. I am accountable for who I am. Her response made me take ownership of that work and effort. 

It felt appropriate to mention it in this blog post, because as we were taking these pictures, we had our first ever heckle from a woman. We’ve taken pictures at this location a few times and it usually includes some guy shouting out the window to show them some part of my body. Today, while taking snaps, a passing car window lowered and a woman’s voice shouted out ‘YOU LOOK SO FLIPPING ELEGANT!’

My sister and I cracked up laughing and waved a thank you. Then on a second passing, she shouted a further positive message, while we crossed the road. When we arrived at the other side, a woman (with stunning glasses) stopped us to talk about taking pictures and how much she liked watching other women out and about doing awesome things 

All of these things together really made me appreciate how many women I know and connect with who are passionate about celebrating the success of the women around them. It’s something I see as the norm, not the exception. It’s something I would like to promote, more. Here’s to celebrating other women!

This coat came from a little store called Quick Brown Fox in Melbourne. I looked all through the store and then spotted the coat in the window as I left. I adored it as soon as my eyes fell on it. The woman told me it was a copy of a Chanel, which I didn’t really care about as much as I just loved the design of it. When I bought it and got on the train, I started searching for it on Pinterest to see if I could find a photo of it to put into my wardrobe app. As it turned out, it’s a copy of a Louis Vuitton coat from Spring 2012, except the version I got needed a little bit of tweaking to bring it up to scratch. It was missing the gorgeous button and the lace wasn’t sitting right at the bottom. I fixed both things and here it is! Mustard coloured clothes make my heart skip a beat. It’s such a wonderful statement colour. I will be restyling this coat again for you, I’m sure!

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Bag: old Laura Ashley
Shoes: Modcloth 
Location: Ballarat

- L

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