My Straw Hat Gets a Makeover

11 Apr 2017

If you know me, you'll know I'm growing a collection of straw boaters. Some people have veggie gardens. I have a wall of hats. As someone who has been embarking on a more minimalist life, my hat collection is one of few things that has been upsized instead of downsized. Hats give me endless amounts of pleasure. Particularly, straw boaters. With the idea in mind of getting the most out of my hats as I can, I decided to take some hat inspiration from Pinterest and give my Portman's straw boater a temporary new look (although if you wanted to, you could surely hot glue gun this facelift on to make it more permanent.

Step 1. Get yourself some tulle (I wanted some flocked tulle but couldn't find any), some fake flowers, a straw boater and some velvet ribbon. I was lucky enough that I had this Alannah Hill belt with velvet pansies set on a velvet ribbon already. So it was easy enough for me to just tie it around the hat.

Step 2. Pin the tulle over the hat. I went with two layers of tulle because it showed the gathering in the fabric in a more prominent way.

Step 3. Tie on your ribbon and secure it. If you don't have the ribbon and flowers attached, then attach them to the ribbon before this step.

Step 4. Remove pins and wear!

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Hat: Portmans
Glasses: Chicwish
Skirt: Modcloth
Floral belt: Alannah Hill
Location: Ballarat Botanic Gardens
Pics: Me and Lyn and I.

- L

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