A Spontaneous Dinner on the Lake

4 Mar 2017

My sister Goldfields Girl had an idea last year that she would love to do dinner on one of the piers around the Lake in Ballarat. We discussed it and planned and eventually this dinner idea formed into something that seemed pretty straightforward and fun to put together. 

This week, we realised we'd gone all summer and hadn't done it. So, during this blissful weather at the start of autumn, we decided to give it a go. We got the crew together, pooled our resources and set up a pop-up dining table on one of the Lake's many jetties. Liv put together finger food. Goldfields Girl brought candles and florals and water. I brought a table and chairs... each person brought something that made the whole evening come together beautifully.

Dinner was bagels from Bagel Junction. Liv made a wicked spread of dips and fruit. The weather was mild but the temperature dipped cold fairly quickly. Now we've done it once, we know what we're doing so will definitely do it again later in the season.

My favourite skirt from Mokkafiveoclock on Etsy.
Top: French Connection
Hat: Capital Girl via Blanc Boutique

Pics: Me and Goldfields Girl

- L

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