A Ladies Night at Twelve Errard

24 Mar 2017

Last year I was invited by Twelve Errard to come and stay with them. This last weekend I have finally taken them up on the offer. I was invited alone, but as a single lady that drinks too much gin, I spend ample amounts of time on my own as it is. So for a special treat, I thought I would spend some time around other people. Mainly, some of my closest friends: my sister Goldfields Girl and one of my best friends, Liv from Lyn and I.

We decided on a humble ladies’ night and checked into Twelve Errard after a visit to Ballarat’s Sweet Fern: a regionally based boutique perfumery. They stock a full range of Aesop and a face mask seemed in order, so I picked the Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque. Sounds fancy? It was. The team at Sweet Fern informed me that the cleansing masque provides a deep cleanse appropriate for all skin types, particularly dry or sensitive skin. Bentonite and kaolin clay are the predominate ingredients which draw impurities from the skin whilst absorbing any toxins. Parsley seed oil is antiseptic and antioxidant for clarity and protection against free radicals, which contribute to aging. The lavender and aloe vera add soothing elements; rose hip oil and primrose oil provide vitamin nourishment. This fatty acid-rich gentle cleansing masque can even be used two times a week for the ultimate clarifying and moisture retaining cleanse. It all sounds pretty pamper-y to me. Yes, I’ll have one of those.

After I left Sweet Fern I got a message from Liv asking if she should stop into Sweet Fern to get us something. Clearly, we had the same idea for what to do for the ladies’ night.

Twelve Errard is an old apartment block given a new life as accommodation. The rooms are light, airy and simple with elegant features. I got nostalgic walking in there because I’d once had drum lessons in one of the apartments. They look so different to my old drumming days. The new colour scheme alone gives them a modern and classic aesthetic. It’s also really close to some good food spots. It’s a short walk to the cafe strip, but we ended up with pizza and chocolate mousse for dinner.

The apartment we stayed in had 3 rooms and a large dining table. Each bedroom was simple and elegantly styled with french style bedspreads. The light was the most pretty in the morning. It was darling to look at the sky growing lighter over the old tiled rooftops of Ballarat houses. There was also an outdoor table which we set up at for breakfast. One of the front apartments with their balcony tables facing the morning light would have the best view!

It was so nice just to hang out with these ladies and the pretty setting made it even more fun! Thanks so much to Twelve Errard for letting us stay the evening. To say thank you, Liv left Twelve Errard a set of her ‘Ballarat’ prints and a card. We had such a wonderful time.

Pics: me, mum, Liv and Goldfields Girl
Location: Twelve Errard
Pyjamas: Peter Alexander
Hat: vintage Laura Ashley via Etsy
Skirt: Review
Blouse: Review
Jumper: Dangerfield

- L

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