Galentine's Day

15 Feb 2017

A few years ago I was introduced to Galentine’s Day by a friend who was a big fan of Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. I’m told that Lesley created the event as a lady date for her girlfriends in the show and fans loved it so much that they started celebrating it as well. I can see why it’s caught on. A lady date event the day before the most romantic relationship glorifying event on the calendar is a good balm for those who may cringe at commercialism, lament loneliness or are just gloriously single and in love with their friends. The last one is definitely me.

My new housemate turns out to be a huge fan of Parks and Rec and also Leslie Knope. A few weeks ago when sitting on the couch together watching Gillian Anderson in The Fall, she asked me what our plans were for Galentine’s Day. Not having watched the show before, but previously being introduced to it by another friend who is a fan, I got really into the idea. As a result, we hosted a conservative dinner party at our house, but instead of doing it on Galentine’s, we held it back a day and did it on V-day. Because, why no.

We browsed recipe books, Pinterest and Youtube to plan a menu, including cocktails and dessert. Then came the planning of the party. Neither of us wanted to spend much money, so the party had to be small. Our table only fits two more people after us and we only have enough cutlery for four people. Our plates are all blue and white, so all the party styling had to match in order to save money. I plundered flowers from mum and dad’s garden. My mum and my sister loaned me candles, a bar cart and some fairy lights. I made a little menu on Canva with the same theme. I even found a pot for a pot plant and its stand that I hadn’t used yet which could be converted into a wine bucket.

For a little extra detail, I froze flower petals into ice blocks to put around the bottle of bubbles. When choosing a bottle, I found the Jacob’s Creek Le Petite Rosé was on special and it was pretty. It would also match our cocktail colour so I bought it. 

The night before we prepared the brisket to slow cook over the next day, hand made fettuccini for four people, prepared all the ingredients for the cocktails, put the rosé in the fridge and made the apple tarte tartin. That way on the day there was very little work to do in the kitchen.

I also made small flower crowns for each guest using some cheap bunches from Stems. It turned into a thrifty but pretty evening. Pics by myself and Goldfields Girl.

My housemate now knows that I’ve never seen Parks and Rec, so she’s enforcing a strict diet of Parks and Rec in the coming weeks.

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