Black and Gold

2 Dec 2016

My sister and I are both having fun improving our photography skills at the moment. We’ve been wanting to do a sunrise photoshoot for a while, but haven’t had the time or motivations. So many of our blog shoots aren’t planned and we might just take them when we’re out somewhere wearing something nice. Sometimes the time to do a shoot comes about and we mill about playing with outfits until we find the right one. A morning shoot is much harder because you have to be prepared.

At the moment, the sun is rising at a little before 6am. I’d wanted to do this outfit for a while, styling my new helmet from Bike Pretty, so we loaded up the bike and I prepared by outfit the night before. Then I picked her up a little before 6am and we drove to what is usually the busiest intersection in the city. It was so quiet it was lovely.

Unfortunately we didn’t get the beautiful light you might normally get in the morning, but that’s ok because it was still very pretty. The weather was overcast and slightly foggy and a little cold. 

Summer has just started here, which is my favourite bike weather. As soon as I finish the season for the play I am in, I want to start riding my bike to work, which is one of my favourite things. Having such a darling helmet is definitely a motivator to ride. The cover is also interchangeable, so once you buy one of the covers with the helmet, you only have to buy new covers after that. This particular style isn’t legal in Australia yet because it hasn’t been through the safety standards testing, so I cannot advocate that cycle ladies in Aus break the law by riding with one, no matter how much I do trust this beautiful helmet. However if you live elsewhere, do check them out. They really give your ride a stylish and personalised touch.

It seems only fitting that with my new pleated skirt and a Goldfields Girl’s bike that we took these photos at the same intersection where I got to show off my bike and blue pleated skirt earlier in the year. It’s a nice contrast. This pleated skirt is from ASOS, and is made from lighter but similar faux leather fabric to the pale blue one I wore previously. This top is actually a bodysuit, which I bought in a pack from ASOS. The shoes. Yes. My favourite shoes. I got these from Modcloth, but they’re sold out. You can get very similar ones from Choies (scroll down for links).

So after a fun morning trying out our first sunrise shoot, we went back to the car and warmed ourselves up. Then we felt very much like breakfast, but nothing opened until 7am. We ended up in L'espresso, who allowed us to sit and have cups of tea in the warm while we waited for the kitchen to open. I was actually really lovely to have that time with my sister before the world was woken up and filled with busy people. We’ll definitely be doing it again.

Bike: Lekker
Helmet: Yakkay c/o Bike Pretty
Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Modcloth (sold out) similar

Photos: Goldfields Girl
Location: Ballarat CBD

- L

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