Pink Flowers

24 Nov 2016

My sister and I spend a lot of time wandering around Ballarat stretching our legs, chatting and taking pictures. One day just before she went to San Fran, we spotted this amazing house with giant pink flowering trees in the front yard. While taking a photo over the fence, the man who lived there arrived and invited us into the yard to take as many photos as we liked. We thanked him and came back the next day to take these pictures.

I'd been wanting to restyle this particular Lazybones dress with this Bardot skirt for a while. The colours are darling and really compliment each other. It seemed like the perfect thing with the pink, so I dressed up and the next day we wandered back to the house.

All was fine for about five minutes and then I realised I was being eaten alive by mosquitos. So was Goldfields Girl. We sort of went from this meandering photo shoot to this skittish and strange dance around the garden. When we couldn't bare it anymore, we left, thanking the guy who lived there and setting off home. I still have a fading mark on the back of my arm where one of the bites was.

The above picture is probably me dancing to swish the skirt and keep mosquitos away.

This dress was a gift from Alison at Lark. The print is a favourite of mine and when she said she was getting it in I asked her to put on aside just for me, and she ended up giving it to me as a present. I'm still gushing about it. I'm going to wear it all summer! 

Hat: vintage Laura Ashley from Etsy
Dress: Lazybones via Lark
Skirt: Bardot
Shoes: Modcloth

Photos: Goldfields Girl
Location: Ballarat

I hope you've enjoyed this restyle of familiar items from my wardrobe.
- L

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