Blue and White

30 Oct 2016

It’s overcast outside right now and while I had the central heating on this morning, now I have the back door open and the warm air is coming into my lounge from outside. The nice weather is so welcome. When a good weather day coincides with a day I don’t have to work, then it’s definitely picnic weather. Review asked me to style some of their outfits for their new Spring e-magazine and my first thought was obviously a picnic!

My favourite picnic hat is this vintage straw boated from Laura Ashley. You can pick one up on Etsy if you’re looking for one. I have regular dramas with hats. During one shoot earlier this year one of my hats was run over by a train. This hat, going to my nephew’s first birthday party, was ripped from my head in the strong wind. The elastic tore right of the grosgrain ribbon lining. I’ve recently sewn it back on because I wear this hat everywhere. 

Now for the Review e-mag, I wrote a little bit as well. If you want to check it out, it’s currently only available on their app, which is for apple devices only. You’ll have to download it to have a look. I saw on their Facebook page that it might be more readily available soon, but I’m not sure if that means that it’s because they will have an android app or because the e-magazine will be released on a new platform such as their website.

I chose this dress to style because my family has a thing for blue and white Spode crockery, especially my mum. To my absolute delight, when it arrived it had pockets. My sister and I went down to the gardens to take these photos and it was absolutely freezing. When we walked in, some really lovely tourists asked to take my photo and then got photos with me. I looked like a prop for the city in the beautiful gardens, which was lots of fun. 

My usual spring picnic set up is: record player and records, bike, book, cheese, strawberries, Pimm’s or Gin. I love to stock up on basket ready snacks from my mate Mel’s shop Local Pantry Co. as well.

Shoes: Zulily
Scarf: vintage Oroton
Hat: vintage Laura Ashley via Etsy

Location: Ballarat Botanic Gardens

The day we took these photos was mild, but definitely not warm. By the time we got out to take the snaps I was legitimately shivering. My sister was wearing one of my Dad’s big, insulated work jackets to keep warm while she took the pictures. I almost forgot how cold I was during the photos when it’s actually nice here today while I’m looking at them.

I hope you have enjoyed today's pictures!
- L 

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