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5 Sept 2016

One of the greatest parts of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week regional series in Ballarat was meeting so many people that I otherwise wouldn't have. On the Saturday of the weekend, I had lunch with the above group of incredible women, from left to right by their better known identities: The Girl Who Lived for Clothes, Lawstore, Jules Zass, Janelle Ryan (Little PR Co.), House of White, Cherrie Bobbins and myself. So what do a bunch of 'influencers' talk about when they get together?

Actually, we didn't really talk shop all that much. We had a little fun swapping stories of people recognising us from our humble online presences, and we did take each others photos. We also learned what we all do from 9 to 5 on an average day outside of that blogging world.

What I found the most fun about hanging out with these women was the common thread of being driven, interested in the world around us, good at multiple things (how on earth do you decide what to focus on if you can do so much) and enthusiastic about seeing other women succeed. It was great to hear about life accomplishments from everyone; one person was studying genetics, one person had completed postgraduate studies in community radio and television, one had lived and worked in London for years after graduating from her studies. Each time one women said 'I did this' another would ask an insightful question such as: 'when you did that, how did you overcome this part?'

We had the lunch at Mitchell Harris Wines and of course that meant having a bit of fun with their signature 'Sabre'. It was actually my first time drinking it and I'm pretty sure it's now a staple. At the end of the runway that evening when everyone ended up back at MH I distinctly remember someone asking for several bottles for their table when they sat down. Have a look at the MH logo. See if you can see a sabre-like symbol in it.

We got given a full tutorial of how to open a bottle with a sabre. Jules and Janelle were both on hand to demonstrate what we'd learned.

Once we'd worked out how to open the bottles like pros, we got to enjoy some glasses together.

We finished the session downstairs in the cosy basement eating some amazing food from the MH chef. Everyone snapping photos of everything as we went.

Thanks to Mitchell Harris Wines and Visit Ballarat for hosting us!
- L

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