Year in Review - My Most Popular Posts from 2015

1 Jan 2016

Since we're starting a new year, it's a good chance to look back at the year just gone and to see everything that has happened so far. I'm taking the chance to appreciate what fantastic things another year of blogging has opened up to me, and I'll be setting some blogging goals for another year. Thanks so much for being part of my year! Here are the posts that my readers loved most, so if you haven't been reading all year you might get a chance to see something you missed out on. Keep in mind, I've ordered these by date, and not by popularity. The first post (above) was all about why I love the colour yellow! Find it here.

In addition to the below outfit posts, I had two really popular posts talking about things.

1. This post where I talk about worrying about my weight.
2. This post where I talk about how to pose in photos.

Both are really body positive and have a few comments from readers that really add to the thoughts shared.

And now, on to the outfits!

Loving this skirt from Alexandra Grecco here.

Tweed picnic and beautiful sculptures here.

The Gatsby night at Suttons here.

My most popular post by an easy stretch. Heritage Weekend. Here.

This BOB skirt here.

This post was wild because of the bag. Here.

This darling cat and a pink gingham dress here.

Part of my collaboration with Boohoo here

Some advice and a cute boater here.

The baby shower of Goldfields Girl. Here.

My favourite skirt and a crop top. Here.

A new favourite scarf. Here.

Yellow and black with a scarf many ways. Here.

Another bike post! Red and navy. Here.

Double the yellow. Here.

This skirt is a new fave! Here

Of course, this darling hat! Here.

My collaboration with Her Wardrobe. Here.

Thank you so much for being part of my year! I've moved across the country, started 2 new jobs, become and aunt, had several different hair styles, done an internship and I'm keen to see what 2016 brings. What are you feeling looking back on your year?

 - L

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