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25 Sep 2015

The office space of blogger @findingfemme

This is the place where I get most of my study done. I bought this computer especially for the image, video and music editing that I do, and I love the happy feeling I get when I'm sitting in this spot working on stuff.

Top left is stunning cross stitch that my friend Lynne made for me. Then there is my pin board and a copper mobile which holds my favourite polaroid pictures. Beneath that is a house jigsaw puzzle I bought in New York and a painting I did when we stayed at Schaller Studio in Bendigo. There's a sailing boat in a bottle that inspires me to write and a pile of uni book. There's also a picture from a few Christmases ago of all the ladies in our family wearing aprons I bought in Venice with our names on them. Venice is one of my favourite cities in the world. I couldn't stop talking about it when I came back from Europe.

There's a scrabble mug, which my partner bought for me when we started dating, because he didn't have any mugs at his house. There's a notebook with doughnuts on it that one of my favourite bosses bought for me. There's a typewriter that my partner bought for me from Berlin, just cause. It's got a Mockingjay pin on it that he bought me for Christmas.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into where the magic happens!

- L

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