Tooled Leather and a Remix

3 Apr 2015

Autumn is the Phoenix Season
I rose as a weakling, with ash in my mouth.
The sun bore down on me, the rain washed me out.
Initiated, I grew and grew strong.
I rose on the wind, and sung my heart-song.
I groomed my feathers, golden and red.
Caught the last sunlight and bowed my head
Stretched out my wings, burst into flame.
Burned down to ashes, and then rose again.

Autumn is my favourite season. The sunlight becomes golden, the leaves of the trees fire into jets of colour before tumbling as light as feathers through the air to the ground. It is a season of change, where we remember all that was grown from Spring and Summer and we prepare for the hibernation and sleep before the birth of Spring. My northern hemisphere readers are all enjoying Spring at the moment, lucky buggers. Over here in Australia we're watching the final phoenix of life, as the last of the earths red feathers falls, and the sun sings it's final song, before we snuggle down to await the next rebirth.

It seemed appropriate to talk about things coming back to life again while wearing a dress I have worn before. The blouse I scored on eBay for tuppence and it works really well with the wide neckline that the dress has.

A big thank you to Claire at Beleza Vintage for hooking me up with this one. I begged her on the Instagram post for it and she allowed me to pay for it and postage by bank transfer. It arrived a day or so later. I love it so much and I've been using it every day since I got it. I'm now in the process of getting a new cape from her too. I really should unfollow her on Instagram, it's an expensive problem. ;)

Beret: Joy the Store
Earrings: Forever New
Blouse: eBay
Bag: vintage from Beleza Vintage, Perth (facebook, instagram)
Location: Burke and Wills fountain, Ballarat

You can see the other photo series with this dress here.

- L

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