Ballarat Heritage Weekend - FedUni Tweed Ride

30 Apr 2015

Ballarat Heritage Weekend - Tweed Ride 2014.

Every year I put together a Tweed Ride for the Ballarat Heritage Weekend festivities. It's one of my favourite events and I love taking part in it and putting it together. It started four years ago when some friends and I decided we were going to do our own event and we rode around the autumn streets of Ballarat having a brilliant time. The local council contacted me the next year and asked me to make it an official event. I've been organising it ever since. This year we are working with FedUni to keep it a free and accessible event. Here are some pictures from last year and some of the previous years. Enjoy!

Ballarat Heritage Weekend - Tweed Ride 2014.

If you are in my local area and you want to come along then you must register to participate in the ride. Register online here: You can also find the Facebook event here.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend - Tweed Ride 2014.

What is a Tweed Ride?

A Tweed Ride is a bike ride where a group of cyclists dress in historic and vintage attire. The tradition began in London in the 90s with riders dressing in classic British winter attire and riding through the streets of London. Similar events are now held around all around the world.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend - Tweed Ride 2014.

What sort of bike can go on a Tweed Ride?

All bikes are welcome on a Tweed Ride. You don’t have to have an old or vintage bike to participate. New bikes of all styles are welcome, as well as old bikes. Make sure your bike is safe to ride, and that you are comfortable riding it on the road before the big day. Check your brakes, your tires, and lights etc.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend - Tweed Ride 2014.

What should I wear?

Tweed Riders take their outfit inspiration from many places. The tradition Tweed Ride inspiration comes from classic British winter tweed, but you can wear whatever vintage you like. We have prepared a style board on Pinterest to help inspire you:

Remember that if you are wearing a long skirt or coat, that you may need a wheel or chain guard on the bike to help protect your garments from damage, and to protect you from getting tangled. Yes, helmets are required. Be inventive! Dress your helmet up with flowers, a scarf or some steampunk goggles!

Things to remember about Ballarat in autumn:
  • The weather is often cold
  • Light drizzle is common
For preparing your outfit, here are some suggestions to make your ride comfortable:
  • Multiple layers will help you stay warm, and/or cool
  • Gloves keep the chill of autumn air off fingers
  • Closed toe shoes keep feet warm and dry, and prevent tripping on pedals
  • A hat can keep you warm, dry and hide helmet hair
  • Sunglasses keep rain out of your eyes and your vision clear

Ballarat Heritage Weekend - Tweed Ride 2014.

Where will the ride take place?

The ride will travel from the Apron Festival (Cnr Sturt and Dawson St) on Sturt St by road –
West along Sturt Street to Victoria Park.
Down Russell St past Victoria Park.
Along Eyre St to historic FedUni SMB campus.
Around the Campus to Lydiard St.
Turning onto Sturt St
Finishing on Sturt St at Suttons House of Music.

Refreshments will be available at the finish location.
There will be guide riders at the front and at the back of the ride to keep everyone together.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend - Tweed Ride 2014.

How many people will be riding?

In order to ensure we have a controlled environment, we will only have 160 spaces available for the first people to register online.

How much does it cost?

The FedUni Tweed Ride is FREE.

What do I need to do to participate?

Register online at:
Dress up in your best vintage and tweed
Listen to some information about safety from our ride leader on the day

Hope to see you there! If not, I'll be sharing pictures for you to enjoy after the event.

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