Floral and the Hat Shoppe

20 Mar 2015 Gordon VIC 3345, Australia

In preparation for last week's Tweed Picnic, my partner and I went to Gordon Hat Shoppe to buy some real tweed for him to wear. I also organise the Tweed Ride at the Ballarat Heritage Weekend each year, so we were looking for some tweed to add to outfits for that.

I've wanted to do a blog post about the shoppe for quite some time. The room is set out in sections by colour with antique furniture. Even with this styling it is a busy array of hats. It's all housed in an old church with gorgeous mottled light and tartan floors.

This is Chloe (spelling?) who loves to greet you at the door. She's a very well behaved dog and adores a pat.

Set amongst the furniture are mirrors. Mirrors everywhere. This is so that wherever you pick up a hat you will have somewhere to try it on.

This original painting of Dame Nellie Melba hangs on the staircase wall. Coincidentally, after seeing this, I went to Craig's Royal Hotel that afteroon and looked at the Dame Nellie Melba suite, and stood on the balcony where she sang to the street below.

This purple cloche matched my skirt and hair so well that I just had to try it on. One of these cloche hats is never enough. I shall have to expand my collection from more than just my navy one.

Top: Jacqui E
Skirt: Review
Shoes: sold out ModCloth
Location: Gordon Hat Shoppe - Gordon
Photos: Stu

If you're looking for a fun weekend excursion in Victoria, check it out.

- L

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