Red Midi Skirt Happy Dance

28 Feb 2015

I have loved Chicwish for quite a while. Their midi skirts always look gorgeous and I've seen quite a few bloggers wearing them. It's always scary giving over your cash to a new online store that you've never shopped with before. When shopping in store you can try things on and get a feel for how the store's sizing suits you, as well as the quality of their clothes. Going through this process online you have to hand over your cash before you get to know these things about the store.

With skirts as gorgeous as those on offer at Chicwish, I couldn't resist trying out some of their stuff to see how it worked for me and I was so pleased with what I got. Something I didn't know about this skirt before I purchase it was that the fabric has a nice amount of stretch in it. I thought it was a stiff taffeta, but it's not. The waistband has two short elastic strips in it on either sides which are barely noticeable.  See my little white thumbs peeking out on the sides there, all white on the red waistband? That's right where the elastic is. I didn't notice them in any of the blogger pictures I've seen and they make the skirt so much more comfortable. Because your waist changes shape when you stand, sit and generally run around being rad, a skirt that moves with you is logical and awesome.

The skirt isn't lined, which isn't an issue. The fabric is so thick that there is no need for another layer to prevent show through. The skirt doesn't sit against the body, it sits out in this gorgeous shape, so it doesn't get static. Did I mention it was comfortable?

The colour is so bold! With the big shape it makes, walking into a room wearing it is like letting off a firecracker. You can't be bored wearing it. It's such an amazing piece and it comes in a bunch more colours that I want to get, too.

Top: sold out Friends of Couture
Shoes: Seychelles via Hello Holiday
Photos: Stu
Location: Ballarat

We also need to talk about these shoes. I snapped them up from Hello Holiday. The brand is Seychelles and the quality is AH-MAY-ZING. The soles have fantastic grip so I can easily ride my bike in them. The leather is so soft. Seriously, you've probably never had shoes with leather this soft. I haven't and I'm a cobbler's granddaughter. The leather stretches and moves for the feet beautifully. They fit so well I can run in them when I'm dashing about at work.

The only issue I have had with them is that these are my second pair. The first I bought were a 6.5. Obviously I'm an Australian 6.5, UK 4, US 6.5. These were listed as US 6.5 but are a whole size too small. Hello Holiday don't do international exchanges so I bought another pair, a 7.5 and these were a perfect fit. (The half size is for width not length, just so you know. I have wide little paddle feet) Anyway, 10/10 would buy again ;)

How gorgeous is this little garden spot by the river? I love it. I know I've done many blog photos here, but I'm not sorry. The light is gorgeous at any time of the day.

- L

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