Curls and Critters and Neck Ties

23 Jan 2015

When I was a kid, all I wanted a straight black hair and a normal name like 'Sam'. I wrote a lot when I was younger and always had an obsession with characters that had straight black hair. I even eventually began writing about this alter ego like I knew this amazing girl called Sam who had straight black hair and was really tough. Then when I got older, I got black hair and I straightened it. Eventually I grew into my name, and now I've also grown into my hair. Blonde and curly.

Curls are hard. They are hard work. They are unpredictable. Nothing defies rules, forecasts and guidance like curls. Generally speaking, I let my hair dry and leave them be while they sort themselves out. Then I get some product and try and tame each individual curl, and I work with them until we can agree. No wonder I didn't like them as a child. Curls require full fledged diplomacy.

A part of my renaissance in curl love can be credited to reading more blogs and following more people on Instagram. Especially my Instagram soul sister Fluffy Mo. That girl has curls for days and is constantly reaffirming my curl pride.

Top: Anyone For Tennis (sold out) - Review
Neck tie: stolen from a dress, meant to be a belt
Cardigan: By Louche. Sold out on ModCloth, but you can also get the brand on Joy.
Skirt: Bugle Joy Skirt in Scarlet - Modcloth
Shoes: Frolic by Foot Wedge - Modcloth
Photos: Stu
Location: Ballarat

Both the cardigan and the skirt were Christmas presents and I love them very much! I hope you have enjoyed today's outfit!

- L
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