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5 Jan 2015

Let's do a countdown of my best outfits in the past year. It has been amazing fun finally getting myself organised to run my blog the way I always wanted and I've loved sharing my style with you. Now, as a special treat I have made animations of the outfits. Normally I only share these on Tumblr, but I thought a 'Best Outfits' post would be the ideal time to show the clothes in motion, as that really highlights how they move and feel. If the pictures don't load for you, you may need to try and alternative device, or click through the links to see all the pictures from the original post. On Bloglovin you can select the picture to enlarge it. Some of the files are a little bigger than I would normally post on Tumblr too, so I hope they aren't too much strain on your internet.

Let's count down from 14 to 1! Click on the names of each photo series to see the full set.

This is my favourite skirt so it makes more than one appearance in this list. I wore this outfit to staff induction day in Perth and after I finished work my partner came and picked me up and we went for afternoon tea. It was the first (and only) time I've worn this blouse. It's still packed right now from the move. I got very excited when I realised the cafe cups and coffee machine matched my skirt. We were the only ones there so it was fun to twirl around without feeling embarrassed. 

My partner and I were driving around looking for somewhere to take pictures while the light faded when we stopped past the Perth Oval gates. We had a short few minutes to take pictures while the sun died. I love this dress and I really loved these photos. One of the few times I have felt brave enough to wear lipstick.

My first ever proper outfit post. I really liked what I wore to work so I asked my sister to come by my house and take some quick snaps of what I was wearing. I still love the outfit and some friends still tell me it was their favourite.

The curls in this post were a big hit! That was nice when it takes a lot of confidence to let your hair have control. I think wearing natural curls is my beauty truth, and it is one that lots of ladies relate to.

This is the second bicycle post of the year. It got me featured on the Modcloth mailer. I had seen a post on Pinterest which combined a floral skirt with a blue blazer and gingham shirt and I found it easy to put that together with my wardrobe. This was my Perth bike, which now has a happy new home.

My original and favourite bike. A Lekker, with pics taken by my bestie Tegan. This was a really fun afternoon hanging out. This was also the post that made me want to create animated gifs of my outfits. Tegan has a gorgeous MacBook hat flicks through the pictures really fast. When we flicked through quickly we realised it looked like a little animation. I loved how that brought the outfit to life. It took a little while but I eventually figured out how to makes them into a gif, and it have tried to keep doing it ever since.

This skirt is a favourite of mine. It also has been worn so few times because the hem keeps falling down. In order to wear it on this day I had to delicately stitch half the hem line, only to wash it and have the other half fall down. When I wore it to Paris I even had to stitch all the buttons back on securely. It is waiting in my sewing basket right now for me to fix it. This photo set was taken in Fremantle, and this cute little VW happened to be on the street we were photographing. The imagery in these photos are still one of my favourites.

Another slightly jerky animation, due to the photographs being taken at longer intervals. This post was really popular. Modcloth pinned it which made me very happy. It was actually a really cold day and I was relieved to put my jacket back on. 

Oh this post! This dress! This park! I bought this dress, then exchanged for a larger size. It never fit me well and I decided a blog post was the best way to see it off. My partner and I wandered around our local Hyde Park taking snaps which ended in him falling heavily onto a fallen branch and winding himself. It was the sort of fall you couldn't laugh at because it looked so painful. His back was bad for some time after. I almost felt bad for getting such good photos out of a shoot that ended so badly. Almost.

This one is a really recent post and I'm including it out of a bit of selfishness. It was my favourite outfit post of the year. I loved the whole outfit and couldn't imagine it being more perfect. It took a while to get the collar to sit right and then the neck tie wouldn't work so I ended up putting a sewing pin on it and fixing it to the top. During the shoot the pin kept stabbing me. I am intending to get a collar made for the dress and attached during 2015.

Curse this beautiful blazer which didn't fit me properly. This is was one of my most popular posts, but the blazer was just too small. I couldn't button it up without it looking silly. This was also my favourite hair style of the year. The blouse came with a mint neck tie, which I swapped for a red sash belt from a dress. 

3: Off to Hogwarts

This series of pictures was taken during the annual heritage weekend at my hometown. Each year the Victorian Railway peeps send a real steam train to the station and you can pay to go in rides. It's pretty amazing. This year I went alone with my mum and we had a heap of fun taking pictures.

I really liked the words in this post, and I wasn't the only one. Thanks to everyone who gave me great feedback on it. I also loved the photos, and this little gif above was shared more on Tumblr than any of my others. It's a pity these beautiful shoes were too small.

Black and white are such classic colours. While the Mustard Sunshine post was the most popular on the blog, this one went crazy on Instagram. These were also taken in Hyde Park by my partner. 

I hope you have enjoyed my best posts of 2014! Feel free to let me know if your favourite was missed out. Looking forward to sharing more great outfits with you in 2015.


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