Back in Black Floral

2 Jan 2015

You know that thing where you find something on Pinterest that you love and you dig around until you find out where to buy it? If you don't, you should get Pinterest. This blouse is an example of this situation and it's a new favourite. I'm not actually sure what it was I saw that had me searching around, but something I saw took me to the website for the Seamstress of Bloomsbury.

Their clothes are classically cut and made from beautiful fabrics. The brand is named in order to pay homage to the original Seamstress of Bloomsbury, who has inspired the vintage patterns and fit of the clothes. I was really excited to find that the the cut of the Jive Blouse is perfect for me and now I'm eager to get more items from them. The only downside to loving their stuff is the painful exchange rate from AUD$ to pounds.

Black isn't something I usually wear. I often worry that if you wear too much black you risk becoming someone else's shadow. It's a silly thing, I really don't think that black is a colour that has any less credit than any other colour in my wardrobe. I just like to make sure that I wear all colours in equal measure, and black is the colour people are often most likely to default to, for whatever reason. So when wearing black I make a conscious effort to style myself as well as I can. I love this combination of plain black with floral black. I have also worn this blouse with cornflower blue or red skirts.

This midi length classic skirt is a wardrobe staple for me that I got from Modcloth. It's the Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Black, but it comes in a range of colours that I am gradually acquiring. It also comes with a woven belt but I love the look of it with a clean line patent black pencil belt.

Earrings: Can't remember.
Shoes: Sandler
Location: Ballarat
Photos: Deneale

I hope you enjoyed this week's photos!


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