Outfit Remix: Rocking a Neck Tie

8 Dec 2014

Here is a little remix of some blog posts which have featured outfits that include a neck tie or bow tie. I have left out outfits with scarf style neck ties and pussy bow blouses for this one, but may do another later on.
Outfit post for the above picture here.

Mustard and mustard sunshine. Outfit here. Same top as the first picture, restyled.

It's Tegan! She's rocking a neck tie. Outfit here.

Outfit here.

Off to Hogwarts with a necktie. Outfit here.

Mint neck ties and skirts. Outfit here.

I miss this hair cut. Outfit here. While the above neck tie is red, it's the same shirt as the one shown just above with mint. All I did was grab a red sash belt from a dress and swap over the ties.

Chelsea collars and neck ties. Outfit here.

A little bit of bow tie. Outfit here.


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