Collars and Ties

13 Dec 2014

This year I moved to Perth, where summers are hot. I was born and conditioned to the weather of the world in Ballarat, a place which is the punch line to most jokes in Australia about cold temperatures. In preparation for the move, my partner and I began stocking my wardrobe by stopping in at a Perth vintage store every time I visited. The store had a range of clothes that had already been tried and tested in a Western Australian summer so it was a good start to getting myself ready to cope with the heat.

This sweet little dress was one of the few dresses that came into my care during that time and it is now serving me well on the warmer days, which are becoming more frequent. I have styled it here very differently to how it actually looks, and that will give you an indication of a slight modification that I want to make to it.

This collar, you see, is not from this dress. It's actually from the top below, which I'm wearing underneath. The top has a triple layered white cotton peter pan collar. I'm sorry, but the top is sold out so I can't find a link to share it with you. The brand is Sunny Girl, which is Australian and is only sold wholesale. This particular spiffy Sunny Girl top came from Modcloth.

The collar doesn't quite fit around the neckline of the dress so I've tried to make it sit as nicely as I can. When I get back to Ballarat, I'm going to get my friend Clare to put a collar on it. I think it will suit me better than the plain round neckline and will give me chance to do things like put the bow on that I have done here.

Collars and bows/neck ties are my current style fascination. I can't get enough of them. It's hard coming in to summer and seeing so many pretty pictures from other bloggers as they move into autumn, because cute knit jumpers (sweaters) with prints on them and collars sitting out the top look so sweet and the weather is just too warm for them now. I'm also wearing a belt from Review which has a bow for a buckle. I've spun it around because I thought a clean white line would do better to complement the collar instead of distracting with more details.

Dress: Vintage (Perth peeps, try Beleza Vintage on William St or Miss Brown Vintage for alternative)
Belt: Review
Collar/Top: (sold out, brand is Sunny Girl) Modcloth
Earrings: Retro Rosie Earrings from ModCloth
Neck tie: Can't remember
Shoes: Sandler
Photos: Stu
Location: Perth

I hope today's blog post has given you lots of pretties to share on Pinterest. This has been my favourite outfit in a while and I am excited to share it with you.

- L

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