London Court, Birds and Bow Ties

28 Nov 2014

My brother is in town this week (just after my best friend Mel went home). I've been doing lots of tourist things, which has been lovely. One of my favourite spots in the city is the very touristy London Court. The arcade was built in the 30s for a chap called Claude de Bernales in an Elizabethan style. It has shops on the bottom levels with cute cast iron signs. Up the top there are glass bay windows with overhanging flowers. Originally the top level was to be inner city residential living, but  today it's mainly offices.

Their Christmas decorations which hang over the arcade give it a great festive feel. It has architecture and atmosphere that you can connect with. In a city like Perth which is full of glass, cement, steel and sky scrapers, it's a refreshing sight.

There is a decorative clock that chimes every fifteen minutes. As it chimes, knights ride past each other jousting. Just inside, there is a statue of Dick Whittington and his cat. There are also copper ships in the ceilings of each entrance and ornate details around with unicorns and lions.

I also took this little snap on my phone. There is a post office in London Court, and they have a sign out the front on a cast iron post in the shape of a shield. As a letter writer, I love it.

Most of the shops inside the arcade are full of junky tourist stuff, but if you spot the orange bicycle, you will find Pigeonhole. A tiny store with some funky stuff.

Bowtie: Hair clip from a cheap shop
Earrings: I forget
Cardigan: Princess Highway
Shirt and hat: Miss Shop
Skirt: Modcloth
Bag: Modcloth
Shoes: Naturalizer

I think I need to do an embroidered cardigan special. Watch this space.

- L

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