Wearing is Daring - Red and Pink

8 Aug 2014 Perth WA, Australia

There are colours that 'shouldn't go together', apparently. It's one of those fashion rules. We've all heard a lot of fashion rules throughout our lives.
- Blue and green should never be seen
- Don't wear navy and black
- Ankle length skirts make you look frumpy
- Socks don't go with sandals
- Pear (and Skittle) body shapes shouldn't wear skinny jeans
- Shoulder pads are ugly
- Big belts aren't fashionable

The thing about most fashion rules is that they change according to what is on trend...
If you can look impartially at a fashion rule and conclude that it is only so because it defines what is or isn't on trend,  why does it need to be kept? Fashion is such a diverse thing. Does it matter what is on the catwalk or on the street if you think you look good? I am currently digging the combination of red and pink. This is something I would usually cringe over, but the more I see the two colours together, the more I like it. I don't think this makes me innovative; I have seen it around done by other people. I feel a little adventurous, though.

Belt, Blouse, Midi Skirt: Review Australia
Shoes: MYER
Lolita Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
Earrings: Forever New
Location: The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia
Photos: Stu Rapley

- L

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