Olive Dresses and Flamingos

15 Aug 2014

An old mentor used to say to me 'only boring people get bored'. It's a statement that I have carried with me and thought about often. I remember when I first heard it that I thought that the statement wasn't fair, but it still made me very self aware when I got bored and I put in a conscious effort to get away from the boredom.
During these attempts to occupy myself I came to a gradual realisation that when I was bored it was often by choice. I was bored, bluntly, because I wanted to be so. There are plenty of interesting things I could have been doing but I felt myself resisting them with a mantra of 'that's boring'.

They key to not being bored can be boiled down to some simple elements: being curious and interested, as well as being willing to pay attention. It also requires the ability to be alone, in solely your own company. It requires imagination and philosophical thinking. In today's adventures of not-being-bored I hung out with some flamingos on the back deck.

Dress: Dangerfield
Sunglasses: eBay
Shoes: Sandler
Marie Brooch: Inherited
Bag: Inherited
Photos: Stu

You may recall another lace trimmed dress I wore last month by Wheels and Dollbaby.

- L
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