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15 Jul 2014

Hey there, spunky!

Do you find yourself sharing similar tastes to me? Want to know how you can further indulge in these similar tastes? I'm on a bunch of platforms and each has something a little different.


Bloglovin is the easiest way to follow my blog. It means you don't have to seek out my blog to keep updated and it is all put in an easy to read feed for you. You can also follow other blogs and you end up with a feed of delicious things that you like. Bloglovin also has an app you can put on your phone or tablet making it even easier to scroll through your feed (available on both apple and android). I highly recommend Bloglovin if you like more than one blog and want to coordinate your reading time.


If you use Facebook more than anything, then following through Facebook would be an easy option for you. I make regular posts sharing each new blog post, photos and a few little updates in between. A great option if you don't follow many blogs and want the blog to 'come to you' so to speak.


I like to share previews of what is coming up on the blog, out takes from blog photo shoots, pics of lovely things I find out and about and share fun things I'm doing. I also love to meet lovely people with similar tastes so come on by and say hi!


Who doesn't love creating mood boards of styles and designs the like. I am no exception. I have boards for everything from visual combinations I like (such as gingham and floral prints) to cycling fashion. The best thing about Pinterest is that you don't have to follow every single board a person has, you can select the ones that resonate with you. Click through to see my boards.


I, like many other people, love to use Tumblr to express and explore my geeky interests. I love Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Princess Bride, Studio Ghibli, Little Big Planet and more!
While I love many geeky things, I use Tumblr for blogging too. This means a taste of the latest blog photos and a custom set of animated gifs for each photo set, like this one below.

I also love finding interesting social points, fashion, human rights, style and elegance. Quite an eclectic combination if you dare...

Modcloth Style Gallery

I'm a Modcloth addict, and often contribute blog pictures to the community and also check out what other people are wearing.


If you're already on Chictopia come and say hi! If you're not on Chictopia, click through and have a look at what the fashion community is about.


I explore photography as a hobby and use Flickr to store and share my pics.


Raw me, tweeting about all the things in real time.

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