My Big Wardrobe Sale

10 Jun 2014

I have had to move from having a whole room as my wardrobe, to having a room with a wardrobe. This has meant that I have had to make some huge cuts from my current collection (not all of them happy). It has meant some weeks of sitting around having serious words with myself about 'how often do I actually wear that thing'. I have already done one round of selling and a second load of items are now up.

Some much loved items are now up for sale on my eBay that I am sad to part with. You can check them all out here. The sale includes some of the items below.

These awesome white leather cowboy boots with a fringe which I loved wearing to gigs.

These red sandals, fresh from Modcloth (size 6) and a little too skinny for my feet (I'm a 6.5).

This divine vintage dress with peplum waist and lace detailing.

This Modcloth classic which I don't wear nearly as much as it deserves. It looks like Neapolitan icecream. See it here.

These floral shorts and mint cardigan, as well as the same cardigan in lemon.

This beautiful dress from Review which I am not getting as much wear out of as I had desired. You may have seen this one before because I blogged about it for my birthday.

Also of note is a stunning green silk Laura Ashley wiggle dress. I have never had the pleasure to wear it and it still has the tags (RRP $249)

You can check them out (and the other fabulous items) here.

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