Tuesdays with Tegan - Clunes Booktown

13 May 2014

I went with my best buddie Tegan to Clunes Booktown. It’s an event I love to attend every year and this year was made all the better because of the addition of regional trains from Ballarat to Clunes. Regional trains are a big thing missing from my life. Places like Clunes that are easily within my reach by car, would be so much more accessible if I didn’t have to worry about driving. Not having to pay for fuel, or worry about getting tired while driving, especially if the fare was reasonable: these would make many regional centres more attractive to me. I would love to get on the train and visit Clunes on a weekend. That made Clunes Booktown extra exciting this year.

As we missed the first two trains, we ended up arriving late on the last day. While the event was meant to be going on for another hour, most of it was already packed up by the time we arrived. It was disappointing, but just being with Tegan meant the whole day was beautiful. We also bought stupid amounts of sweets from Widow Twankies.

Tegan is standing in front of an amazing street organ. If you want to hear it playing, I recorded it playing the looney tunes theme on my Instagram here

For the first time, Tegan wore out her cloche from the Gordon Hat Shoppe. It went fantastically with her green cape and red velvet shoes.

Hat: handmade wool felt cloche from Gordon Hat Shoppe
Cape: Vangelica from Miss Behavin’

We arrived back in Ballarat to this beautiful sunset behind the historic train signal box.

Tegan is awesome. Love her face!

-          L

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