A Postcard from Carlton North

7 May 2014

One of the biggest challenges to getting my blog active again was having someone to take photos of me. I could take photos until the cows come home, but struggle with having the set up to photograph myself. I find photography is a very dynamic activity (I’m no pro, it’s just a hobby) so setting up a camera with a timer or on a tripod with a remote means I have to move to suit the camera, it can’t follow me and frame me in the best way. 

 I also can’t see where the image is focused and I generally like to use a low f stop so the foreground and background become out of focus. That level of sharp focus is hard enough when you’re behind the camera, but using the camera like a robot makes that a whole new level of harder.

So, how have I dealt with this? I ask around and turn all my friends and family members into photographers. It just happens that on this particular day, I forgot my camera entirely. It was later on when I mentioned that I should have brought the camera with me, that Rowan, one of the friends I was meeting for brunch, reminded me that he had his own. We spotted a pretty alley way on our way to brunch and came back later on for some snaps. It gave Rowan the chance to try out a new lens and it meant that I got to have fun with someone who enjoys photography as much as I do.

This dress is covered in a beautiful postcard pattern. I wore it when my best friend Ryan and I were on the cover of one of the local papers for our letter writing group: the Ink and Pen Postal Fellowship

I also wore it to the wedding of one of my beautiful cousins (he isn't pictured, but here are a few of the girls in my family).

Not sure why the white looks pale blue in a few of these shots... I can't be bothered attempting to find out.

The bag is also from Laura Ashley and was part of the same season. It’s one of my favourite bags. I often wear the dress with a red belt and red shoes, but as we were due for walking on this particular day I wore my new staple shoes from Sandler.


I have seen people swooning over this dress on Pinterest as well. The problem with the stock standard photo of it, is that it doesn’t show the skirt lining which has a gingham trim. That is one of my favourite parts of the skirt, so I made sure that Rowan snapped a picture of that too. Here is a shot of the dress as it appears on the web (unlike my un-ironed display of it).

Sunglasses: sold out – Sportsgirl (but you can similar from Catch a Thief sunglasses)
Dress: Postcard Perfect Dress sold out – Laura Ashley
Bag: sold out – Laura Ashley
Shoes: sold out – Sandler

A huge thank you to Rowan for taking the time to work on the photos with me!

- L

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