What's a little rain to a girl with a new coat?

16 Apr 2014

My favourite birthday present by far is this stunning Review coat that my parent's bought for me. When I was in Review picking up some cardigans I spotted this one on the shelf. It hadn't been on the website yet so it was new to me. I decided to slip it on over what I was wearing and it fit beautifully. The cut is fantastic, the quality is excellent and the full skirt is just to die for. I haven't worn something of quality this good since I had a dress and cape made by Clasch Design. If you have a vintage dress with a full skirt that requires a petticoat, this coat is for you. The full skirt means it shows off the full shape of any skirt or dress underneath.

Many moons ago I fell in love with this hat at the Talbot Market. It is a cloche is made from really high grade wool felt and a vintage pattern. The creators of this fine piece of craftsmanship are the crew of the Gordon Hat Shoppe. When I bought the hat, I didn't particularly like it on me, I just liked it. I wanted to stare at it all the time. Since getting the coat, I have worn it every time I get the coat out. It's the perfect winter hat.

The boots are a really cheap (quality) pair that I picked up in Oxford. While the quality of them isn't that great, but they look fantastic. It seems odd telling people that I bought them in Oxford, as that makes them sound like really nice boots. They're not, they just look great and have a cool story.

Coat: Willow Coat - Review
Skirt: sold out - Modcloth
Scarf: Chanel (similar)
Boots: Black a grey - unknown brand
Photos: Tegan Barnes

- L

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