Tuesdays with Tegan - Pink and Prettiful

8 Apr 2014

Hooray! It's Tuesdays with Tegan. Today Tegan is wearing a pink Modcloth dress that she saved for ages to buy. She is also wearing a flower headband made by her sister and a mint unicorn necklace that my partner and I bought her for Christmas. I haven't told you about my partner yet, so for future reference we will refer to his loveness as the Archaeologist. So yeah, necklace was a gift from myself an the Archaeologist.

As soon as Modcloth announced the Twirl Around the World competition, Tegan was keen to enter. We used this dress as one of the entries.

This kitty is Saffron. She is Tegan's cat.

The dress has this cute backless area with a bow at the top.

Love her face!

Hello Mr. Unicorn! How you be?

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