Alice in Parkland

18 Apr 2014


I normally post only twice a week (Tuesdays with Tegan and a regular Friday post). The thing is, I have a few posts to get through and the weather is becoming more and more wintry. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter and the rain is more frequent. This photo set was done on a day with too much sunlight to delay posting in for long. At the rate I'm going it would have had to wait until June, which would not do.

This top had to come home with me. The moment I saw it in the store I had to make it mine. I love Alice in Wonderland and for those that don't get the reference, the drink is what makes Alice shrink. The shoes were a similar story. I bought a size too small I wanted them so much. I toted these ones home from the Cath Kidston store at Heathrow airport.

This outfit is a favourite combination.

Dress: sold out - Bardot 
Top: sold out - Dangerfield (other knits by Dangerfield)
Belt: sold out - Alannah Hill (other belts by Alannah Hill)
Stockings: Fan Flair Tights - Modcloth
Shoes: Little Spot Plimsolls - Cath Kidston with white ankle socks
Necktie: Can't remember
Sunglasses: eBay. Or try Catch a Thief
Location: An outerspace park on a planet called California.

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