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26 Feb 2014

When I first started this blog, I really wanted to do regular posts of outfits that I wear. After quite a few years, it's become apparent that I've never done this. As part of this year's things to do, I have decided that this is one thing I must definitely start doing.

The main roadblock that prevents me taking pictures of my outfits is that I hate selfies and I'm rotten at taking photos of myself, even with a remote or timer. The act of taking a picture is a very active process and I can't be both in front and behind at once (said the actress to the bishop).

So today I resolved to ask my sister over once a week to take snaps of me. She knows how to use a camera and also models, so using her feedback I was able to take some pictures I'm really confident with. I am hoping to also take some pictures of her for the blog down the track. First things first...

Today I wore one of my favourite dresses. I bought it from Modcloth on sale in 2012. It's called the In True Fashion dress, and I haven't seen it in stock on Modcloth since. Which is a pity, because it's really well made, comfortable and stylish. It has a tea length skirt which is perfect for windy days. The cap sleeves and waist are elastic making it very easy to move around in. Because it is both comfortable, sensible and stylish, I end up wearing it to work a lot. In fact, I wore it to work today.

My earrings are a lovely pair that everyone comments on. They are from Bok Bok B'gerk. They are also available as a brooch set, if you are so inclined.


If you follow me on Instagram, it's likely you spotted these treasures in my jewellery box which my sister gave me for Christmas.

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