Rooftop Cinema: Perth.

16 Jan 2014

On my last trip to Perth I had the pleasure of visiting one of their rooftop cinemas. The combination of Perth and outdoor cinema is made in heaven. The fact that their weather often stays so warm into the night makes sitting outside with a cold beverage, candy and good entertainment an ideal experience. Even if the movie is pathetic. I wish I had of caught it when they were screening Spirited Away, one of my all time favourite films. That would have made the night the best it could have been.

The cinema is located right near tasty Chinese food. Nothing like wrapping up a good night with Peking duck pancakes and iced tea. Here are a few shots of the cinema.

I loved that hanging lanterns which were made from plastic woven shopping bags, and strung all over the cinema space. Palm trees and pink flamingos has been brought in to add atmosphere.

Lanterns and city lights.

The vintage caravan here houses the projector.

Seating is either these comfy deck chairs or old school pew seats.

The view beside the screen.

Sunset before the movie starts playing.

The screen with the city behind it.

Up the back of the cinema are vintage caravans with drinks, candy, popcorn and snacks.

The view from the side of the cinema.

Can't wait to go back.

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