Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2012 - Vintage Fashion Parade

11 Feb 2013

My gosh I am behind in my posts! I haven't even told you everything about the absolutely brilliant Heritage Weekend that we had last May and the next one is nearly upon us.

Last we had a little bit of a special time, with my sister and I modelling in the vintage fashion parade at the Art Gallery. It was organised by passionate enthusiasts and volunteers and was standing room only, both days. The first day was the only one planned, but the second day happened anyway when the initial parade turned out to be so ridiculously popular.

Here are some shots of my sister and I on day one of the event. I don't know what sort of fashion event they will have at this year's Heritage Weekend, so I will be keeping a close eye on the timetable.

Heritage Weekend is held on Mother's Day weekend in May each year.

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