I love your dress

21 Nov 2012

I love your dress.

Yeah I know, darling. So do I.
Every time a woman says this to me I can’t stop smiling. I have a lot of clothes. I have a lot of dresses. I have a lot of very distinctive, comments-as-I-walk-past outfits. This one particular dress I have a soft spot for though. Every time I wear it, women around me are disarmed. It overrides any social awkwardness or shyness and gets the quietest person in the room standing next to you. I love this about it. It’s like wearing common ground that you can start a conversation on, and often negates the need for me to give myself a motivational pep talk to break the ice with people.

 Where does one where such a dress as this? I personally wear it to high tea or afternoon tea a lot. I’ve worn it to high tea in Paris, to the Windsor, to various fundraising events, birthday parties and when I’m lucky enough, to work. Which I did last weekend at the Dress for Success, Mornington Peninsula High Tea fundraiser. I spent a lot of time talking about this beautiful bike from Lekker and writing down www.modcloth.com

The dress is called Scene and Believed from Modcloth and by designer Bernie Dexter. It is my favourite in a very tasteful range, which is a bit collect-them-all. You can see them all here. The dress itself has detail of a tulip garden, moving up to cherry blossoms and finishing with a spring sky. The dress sits best with a full petticoat underneath. I have a size S which is about an 8/10.Find the dress here

 I wear it with these stockings, also from Modcloth. You can pick them up here.

The shoes were a clever purchase from Rivers, but I don’t know if they have them in stock anymore. It is a great colour to complement the dress though.

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