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3 Apr 2012

I can't be the only girl in the world that wants to buy everything. I mean, really. I spend plenty of time drooling over all the awesome things I want to buy. They build up in my head until I swear some fall out my out my ears. That has to happen because I want so many things yet a week later I can't recall what they all were. I probably end up buying 0.2% of the things I want. Maybe less. I want a lot of things.

One fun way for me to keep track is to blog about it. So, here are more things I want to buy. Eventually. Maybe. If they don't overflow from my head by next pay day.

I've been wanting these items from Polli lately. How about a necklace with a bicycle built for two, complete with a picnic basket and pet?

Perhaps, like me, when it comes to bikes you prefer to fly solo? Look at this beautiful European style bike, basket and all. Also available as earrings. Delicious!

Pardon me, but were you just thinking things could get no cooler? Have you SEEN this necklace of Amsterdam houses? And look at those earrings. I hope you have noticed the Dutch style bike propped up against the front wall. Also available in this display stand.

Now if you know me, you'll know that I love porcelain and pottery and I'm a sucker for High Tea. This High Tea necklace, along with the tea cup earrings are divine!

So I hope you liked these as much as I did. There are even more fabulous designs over at Polli.


  1. These are all cute as hell, and obviously I support anything that involves cycling!

    1. I wish I had seen them *before* today as it is my Birthday on Thursday and everyone that will be getting me a present has already got me one. Can't complain though as I will be getting some awesome stuff. Might just have to buy them myself in a few weeks.


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