My Sister Pat

18 Nov 2010

Last year sometime my gorgeous Aunt organised a vintage fashion parade. She'd part of the Red Cross Trendsetters group as well as the local Fashions in Time group as well. You may recall my previous post about the Hats Through the Decades parade that she assisted in organising. The parade last year was vintage clothes from the 1950's or earlier. I assisted with the parade collection with a couple of my favourite dresses. After the parade I approached the model who had worn my dresses to chat and found out that she has started up a company selling swimmers.

The swimmers are made from vintage material, with vintage patterns. I've wanted some for ages but have never stumbled across them while shopping (apart from at Lark) but finally came across them at Blonde Vintage, on sale for a total steal: $130. They are renewing the way they make the swimmers so the old line was being sold heavily discounted. I was fortunate enough to pick up this swimsuit.

You can find out more about My Sister Pat and where they are available to purchase on their website:

You can also follow them on their blog here:


  1. I have a few glorious designer label My Sister Pat swimsuits also I adore how they make you feel
    The designer and owner of the company is amazing and very approachable

  2. Yes and yes!
    I met the owner a little over a year ago and she lives and breathes her designs. It's hard not to love them!
    My tip is: do not resist! Fall in love!


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