The Vintage China Company

5 Oct 2010

Spring is back! Daylight savings has never seemed more beautiful. The sunshine seems to last and last and last. I spent my weekend avoiding everything to do with football (because once was more than enough) and enjoying fresh air, places of interest, good food and great company.

You probably recall my previous visits to the Cupcake Cafe (aka Vintage Garden) in Buninyong. If you missed the posts they can be found here and here. The gorgeous little cafe boutique closed it's doors recently to relocate to a more merciful location in town in Ballarat. They have now brought life back to the sadly empty location of the old Country Mouse Cafe. I went there on both Saturday and Sunday and both times the staff were run off their feet with customers.

With the new location comes a charming new name: The Vintage China Company.

I would hedge a guess that they are now the only tea rooms in Ballarat. I may very well be wrong, so if you know of somewhere else, please let me know so I can get exploring!

So far, they aren't offering savory food, however their old range of tasty sweets and tea is in full swing. Not only that, the new location does wonders for their delightful decor which has been laid out by someone with an eye for interior design. You would think that so much pink and pastel would overwhelm, but the well lit rooms invite exploration. You can't help wandering through the shelves and displays pointing at things, and in my case, giggling and squealing (in true gender-role confirming fashion).

I went with Claire because it meant I could take pictures. And take pictures I did.

There is a fabulous range of tea pots, cups, trios, cake plates, and general high tea crockery. They also have a room (an entire room) for trios. Yep. It's nothing short of delightful.


If you're in Ballarat (or are lucky enough to live here) I would highly recommend spending some hours relaxing your way through the spring weather with a cup of tea and a scone at their tea rooms.

I also took the opportunity to add the venue to Foursquare. You can find them here.
Or you can find them in the flesh on the corner of Doveton and Mcarthur Streets.

The full range of pictures I snapped with Claire is on my flickr here.

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  1. I'm from Buninyong and used to visit the cupcake cafe often, but I only found out last week that they had opened this shop. I hardly ever get out that end of town and assumed it was still the country mouse. Must pop out for a visit soon!

    I found you through The Crafty Squirrel. Will pop back often!
    Rach x


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