Handkerchief heaven

19 Aug 2010

So when I was in Clunes (at the same place I was looking at that lovely chair) they had gorgeous handkerchiefs.

They were $7.50 each, but for a little more you can purchase them from Such n Such in Ballarat.

This one has a pattern of shopping ladies out with their dogs. The other corner has the same ladies caught in an Autumn gust, clinging onto their umbrellas.

This other design has tea and coffee pots and floral tea cups. The detailing is highlighted with gold. I got one in pale pink and another in pale lemon.

Here you can see the floral edge to them both. I've tried looking up Armando Caruso, but couldn't find much on it.

Anyway, I'm now a girl to carry around a hanky in my handbag with a pair of gloves or mittens.

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