Pickle (and a new book)

31 Jul 2010

Today I got a new book in the mail. Pickles (above) and I investigated it. She is a strange dog. Look at her, planting her precious little bum on my toile cushion. As if sitting normally is for the poor dogs.

So the book that arrived today is called Thrifty Chic. For Chic home-wares on a shoestring. Quite the concept when a lot of chic home-wares are priced ridiculously. I mean, they are made to look shabby and this puts the price up?! Pickles wanted attention while I was checking out the new book. This is her being smoochy. She's not always like this and normally moves too fast to be captured on film looking cute so please excuse me while I take advantage of her willingness.

Pickles having a sniff. I once brought home a chair that had previously been owned by a woman with cats. She sniffs everything new with excitement. I can just tell she's thinking is there a cat hiding in this one?

This lovely book is available on book depository here.  And now more pictures of my dog. She's so darn cute.

Oh and PS...If you want a 10% off voucher for Book Depository, they currently have a promotion going. Send me your email and I can send you a voucher to use. YAY for Book Depository.

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