Louis comes to town - More from the Ballarat Heritage Weekend May 8-9 2010

13 May 2010

One of the highlights of our day during Ballarat Heritage Weekend was the Louis Vuitton case collection on display.

The beautiful cases were so special to see. Each had a small tag with them talking about the design, their story and their current value.

This case was my favourite. It reminded me of a picture I saw from Star Wars of Queen Amidala which allowed her clothes to remain hanging straight even when it lays down. Another case it reminds me of is that of Professor Lupin in Harry Potter. At the end of the third movie Professor Lupin waves his wand and his case packs itself. The case is very like this.

According to the display, Louis Vuitton was the inventor of the flat suitcase. Until he started the flat designs, cases had round tops to allow water to run off. The square design also made storage of luggage much more economical.

The cases were gorgeous. I'm glad I took pictures but feel almost as though the pictures of the cases are better than my memory of them, so maybe I only saw the display through a camera lens. Next time I will look longer and photograph less. All the shots are on my set for Ballarat Heritage Weekend on flickr.

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